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Our Custom Kap Styles

Hey KapFam! Let’s talk about the custom surgical cap styles that we offer at our store.

We have a plethora of custom surgical cap styles for you to choose from. All of our surgical caps are handmade with love and care by professional tailors in Nigeria. Whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, Afro or braided; you can find a Kap that fits your style.

First, we have the SurgiKap.

Our SurgiKaps are styles that you may be have already seen if you are familiar with the scrub cap market. These include the tie-back pixie, the simple euro, the common bouffant, and the classic ponytail. We put our own Debola Designs’ twist to all of these basic styles. The baker style is not very common, but it is incredibly convenient because there are no ties. It is the easiest wear-and-go style there is. Click here to shop our Surgikaps!

3 surgical cap styles by Debola Designs. One yellow and gray dots, one pink and white, one black with red cherries
3 surgical cap styles by Debola Designs. One black with pink swirls, one coral and green, one white and yellow with black flowers

Next, we have the GlamKap.

All of our GlamKaps are Baker style with added embellishments to make them POP. From lace trims, to satin trims, to custom flowers; these Kaps are sure to elevate your style to the next level. Our TrendyKaps are accented with trims, while our FancyKaps are accented with custom flowers. If looking extra cute and fashionable are important to you, you will love our GlamKaps. These Kaps are definitely cute enough to wear outside of the operating room. In fact, Our GlamKaps were made specifically with our Queens who are battling cancer in mind. It is the Kap to use during chemotherapy treatments and was designed to make you feel fabulous during a very difficult time. Click here to shop our Glamkaps! We even have some FancyKaps with a drawstring closure for a more custom fit!

4 Surgical cap styles by Debola Designs. One blue with beige trim, one grey with red trim, one blue with white swirls, one red and black with red flower

Finally, we have the AfriKap.

Our AfriKap is a custom Kap made with high-quality Ankara fabric (check out our post “Ankara 101). We love the AfriKap because it is our most versatile Kap. You can use it in the operating room as a dedicated surgical cap, or you can wear it as a stylish hair accessory to accentuate your wardrobe (check out our post “Ankara Hair Wraps for African Women”). Another great feature is that you can also use our AfriKap as a sleeping bonnet. Ankara adds a pop of color and culture to any outfit and you will look absolutely fabulous in one of our AfriKaps. Click here to Shop our Afrikaps!

For more information on our custom surgical cap styles and to see how they are worn, check out the videos below!

As always, stay royal my friends!

Kayo, the Kap Queen!

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